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Lately, MMA has gained widespread popularity all over the globe, especially in the United States. People everywhere are eager to learn about this exciting combat sport. Now you can find the best training centers in the Houston area for MMA training, fight events and MMA equipment stores. Start training at a mixed martial arts dojo in Houston today! Learn how to fight and defend yourself in the cage, ring or street. Challenge your strength, your heart and your desire to become the ultimate athlete. Lose weight and get in shape the fun way. MMA is a demanding sport that builds courage, character and supreme fitness, so don't wait any longer to change your life!

Brazilian in Jujitsu Houston

Popularized and brought to fame by the notable Gracie family, Brazilian jujitsu and submission wrestling are vital skills to posses for a well-rounded MMA games. These techniques, used when the fight is taken to the mats, make use of chokes, joint locks and control positions to dominate an opponent and force them to give up. Jujitsu can be taught to men, women and children, and there are plenty of reputable jujitsu gyms in the Houston area. It does not matter whether a person is weak or old, Brazilian jujitsu is a suitable fighting style for anyone. Because of its amazing effectiveness, jujitsu knowledge is important for violent encounters and can be used aggressively or defensively in almost any situation. In addition to BJJ, takedown techniques from Greco-roman wrestling are essential skills to incorporate into a full featured ground fighting system. Finally, hip throws and leg trips learnt from judo, are useful tools to have to further control an opponent and take them off their feet.

Muay Thai in Houston

Modern mixed martial arts utilizes techniques from the ancient art of Muay Thai kick boxing. Training in Muay Thai will develop powerful kicks, knee strikes, punches and elbows. This deadly arsenal can be used to punish or knockout an attacker before the fight ever goes to the ground. Sometimes, such as during violent encounters in the street, a fight is better left on the feet. By learning kick boxing techniques, you will be able to delivery lightening fast, powerful strikes to an opponent whilst maintaining a range where you cannot easily be grabbed or hit back. Muay Thai in Houston offers a great cardio workout that will improve stamina, whilst developing quicker reaction times, greater flexibility and a sense of rhythm needed for effective fighting.

MMA Gear Shops in Houston

Finding high quality, official MMA brands can be difficult. Look for stores selling the best known brands, such as Tapout, Warrior Wear and American Fighter. Find MMA gloves from equipment makers Isami, Ouano, Windy, Everlast and Hayabusa. Gloves should be made with genuine leather, or a suitable synthetic substitute. Get MMA clothing, like Sprawl shorts, for your grappling workouts. Buy MMA gear like Tapout T-shirts and Affliction hoodies. The best MMA apparel stores are usually online, so shop around to find the best deals on the newest stock.

MMA Gyms Houston

Interested in finding a mixed martial arts training gym in the houston area? Find an MMA gym that is perfect for you. Affordable membership, experienced instructors, and challenging workouts. Get in shape the fighter's way. Learn how to kick, punch and choke your way out of any street fight. Become a MMA practitioner to lose weight, tone up, and gain a fighter's confidence.